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Kotimainen rokkari vaihtaa naisia kuin sukkia

Native rocker changes ladies as he does socks
Negative's ex-guitarist leads the new band The Salvation. The man told The Voice that he can't really calm down and settle and that the coming ladies will change often.

Sir Christus told The Voice that playing different guitars brings different feelings. The same seems to go for the women.
- Actually I have a tendency to look for different and varied things. Seems it's the same way with women, Christus laughed.

He says that often the women change as often as the socks.

- Unfortunately. If it hurts to hear, then I'm sorry, but well.

The Salvation, lead by Sir Christus, will enter the studio in the summer. Before that, the songs will be "test-run" at gigs in the spring. Christus said that after a lot of twists and turns that this band's line up is permanent and there will be no changes. Sir Christus was once known as a guitarist of Negative until he was forced to leave the band.

Poispotkittu kitaristi ryhdistäytyi

Kicked-out guitarist pulls self together
Sir Christus aka Jukka Mikkonen, who parted with Negative a couple of years ago, has sobered up, started working in building construction, moved to Helsinki and joined a new band. The new band is The Salvation, in which among others Private Line's Jack Smack plays.

Aamulehti Moro interviewed the musician, who has not become an absolutionist but has stopped continuous drinking. For this he thanks Tatu Metsälä who hired him to do construction work.

Sir Christus is the brother of Matthau Mikojan aka Mati Mikkonen. The brothers' father was Tapio "Arwo" Mikkonen, who was the original guitarist of Popeda but died due to a heartattack during soundcheck back in 1986.

Suomalaisrokkari ei lotraa enää viinalla

Finnish rocker doesn't anymore drink lots of alcohol.

Sir Christus, who seperated from Negative in 2008, has found a new band.

He is at present in the band The Salvation. He recently moved from Tampere to Helsinki and took an entirely new direction in his life. He has changed completely to the "water-line".

- The cork will remain closed. Furthermore I do not fumble anymore, assures Sir Christus.

He is not a complete absolutionist, but continuous drinking is over with, especially as he now has a job in building construction.

- I'm grateful that I got a job in Tatu Metsäläs construction company. I am also grateful to my friend Mikko Nieminen who recommended me to him, he continues.

Sir Christus father [note: the text says brother but i believe this is a typo *lol*] was Popeda's original guitarist, Arwo Mikkonen. Sir Christus' brother is Matthau Mikojan, ex-singer of Bloodpit, who is currently building a solo career.

Also in The Salvation are Private Line's guitarist Jack Smack, three members from Stereo Junks: singer Anzi Destruction, bassist Sohei Murakami and drummer Minister Kunt.

Lyökö räjähdysaltis bändi läpi?

Will the explosive band break through?

Ex-Negative Sir Christus is back on the stages in spring.

The new band The Salvation consists of well known rockers which describe the band as explosive and energetic. The group has been practising together for 6 months and are preparing to go to the studio in summer.

The debut album of The Salvation can be expected in the shops before the end of the year. Guitarist Sir Christus hopes that the band's energy will be channelled into the right direction. The guys have needed a little bit of getting used to each other, but the culture differences have melted together under the flag of rock'n'roll.

Sir Christus vaihtoi vissylinjalle

Sir Christus switched to 'water-line'

The Salvation start playing concerts in spring, as rock'n'roll's dream group.

Sir Christus has taken a new direction in his life and has gone to the "water-line". He is known from Negative, but that time has passed.

- The cork will stay closed. Furthermore I do not fumble anymore.

He has not become an absolutist, but has gotten rid of his demons.

He has changed to a long direction, as he is now also in a dayjob.

- I'm grateful that I got a job in Tatu Metsäläs construction company. I am also grateful to my friend Mikko Nieminen who recommended me to him.

In the construction work he does carpentry and timber works. He has not studied for this kind of work for a single day, but he has learned how to do it by working. At the moment of the interview he was on a sick leave, as he fell from a height of 1,5 metres onto his elbow and broke the radius bone in his arm.

Sir Christus is in the churchbooks as Jukka Mikkonen. His father, Arwo Mikkonen, is the original guitarist of Popeda.

The mind suddenly turned to gigs
Sir Christus has energy in an abundance, of the kind that the balance goes off if there is not enough to do to keep him in check.
- I was afraid beforehand how this would work out, but I have now found new things to do. I'm making a solo album with Samae Koskinen, with some exciting material. I don't know if it will be released. There are some nice sentimental songs that I composed and wrote myself.

After the break, the thoughts go back to the gigs. With a new lineup and The Salvation gigs will start later this spring.
- Mind wants to start playing, as there has been a break. With The Salvation we're doing some gigs. Then we'll give interviews to also others than Moro. And then we close the doors and go to the studio to record the album.

Certainly not throwing TVs
Sir Christus doesn't take it badly if the other bandmembers want to take a drink before the show, as long as the ropes are handled. That's the main thing.
- The audience must be respected. Ticket prices are high and they should get value for their money. Music is a work like others. When also the album has been made in a sober state, then why act differently and get drunk.

Negative has in a long time had a policy of no drinks before the show.

- I intend to keep this line. It is good if beforehand there is excitement, which can be fully loaded. If one takes some kind of relaxant before the gig, one doesn't get the kick that is needed.

- And it is for sure that with the new band we won't throw TVs out of the hotel windows. Finland is a small country and there are hotel chains. The word will surely spread if we make a blunder.

Doesn't go without amazement
In Sir Christus' opinion, the "water-line's" joys are that the ideas fly better. Flying ideas can occur even if you're at home drinking water from vodka bottles.
It hasn't gone without surprises. A few weeks ago Sir Christus was in a bar with his brother, when a fan girl came to ask him if she could offer him a drink.

- I said that I'm not finished with my soda. The girl said that she wanted to offer me a drink and asked if I wasn't drunk. I said I wasn't and asked afterwards, should I be.

Things were left unsaid
In the time with Negative, there were no bad feelings, except for during the last year with the band, and those have been cleared up with Jonne Aaron.
- We went on hard with Negative. We should've been able to stop. In the hurry things were left unsaid and not taken care of. Then frustration and homesickness hit around. When things didn't go naturally, it was easier to blow the game to a stop.

- There were no bad feelings for Negative during and after. It was such that in the tourbus when I went to sleep that I started to whine like a little child. My mind wasn't going in the same direction as the band.

Most of the time in Negative was joyful for Sir Christus, because the band wanted to rise high immediately.

- We didn't know anything from anything, but we wanted to go to Japan. Things came one by one. We didn't even know if we could play at all.

During the years Sir Christus has accumulated a thick fanbase. This happened in an exciting way. In other words, his personal email address leaked and he started getting messages from fans from from many countries, even ones he has never played a single gig in.

A good shaking about the new band
Sir Christus has good expectations about The Salvations, but he doesn't say much but lets the acts speak for themselves. The manager Tommi Liimatainen believes in the group's potential.
- You can say that this is a rock'n'roll dream team. The bandmembers have been playi music for ten years, that is to say that they have experience.

Sir Christus collected the band around himself.

- It's hard to say, did I dissolve Stereo Junks or not. I was in Levi in November and thought about that from this band I could take a bassist, a singer and drummer. A second alternative I considered was that the guitarist left and I could take his place. The guitarist then left so I didn't have to cram myself in.

- We have a japanese bassist who makes no mistakes at practices. He came to Finland on a tourist visa and has been here for a year without permission. The case is being worked on. Now we're on a rehearsal break because our drummer got an heart infection and he's not allowed to do anything but walk slowly. It doesn't matter much as we have already rehearsed the set and need just the icing on the cake.

One or the whole body full
Sir Christus' characteristic mark is a gold tooth.
- The gold tooth is because I like to do all sorts of adjustments about outwards looks. I sew by myself. Actually the tooth is 22 karat white gold. If I get robbed and stuck somewhere, the tooth will pay my ticket home.
- I have a compulsion to renew. I took once one tattoo because I wanted to try. I don't know if that was smart. There well be either this one or the whole body full.

So far Sir Christus' best modification of stageclothes was trousers made from women's underwear/jockstraps taken from an icehockeybox. [Tähän mennessä Sir Christuksen lavapukeutumisen huippuviritys oli jääkiekkokassista otettujen alasuojien yhdistäminen naisten pikkuhousuihin.] if someone can make sense of this, please try...

Sir Christus has recently moved from Tampere to Helsinki, but he is still ultimately a "Tampere-ean". As heard from his speech.
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