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The Salvation julkaisee miehtyksensä - Sir Christus tulee takaisin!
short summary: The Salvation (lineup: Anzi Destruction, Jack Smack, Sir Christus, Sohei Murakami, Ministeri Kunt) have been signed by Hype productions. gigs will start in the spring, and within the year the debut album will be available in the shops

Sir Christus vaihtoi vissylinjalle
- this is an interview with Sir Christus, i'll provide a translation as soon as i find one/have to do one myself - until then, some sense can be had of the google translation.

Tämän yhtyeen videolla myllysilta halutaan räjäyttää
short summary: they want to blow up a bridge in Turku for a musicvideo for this band - they've offered 200000€ to the town that should go to the elderly.

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