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Sir Christus Daily [entries|friends|calendar]
Sir Christus Daily

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[07 May 2010|01:00am]

Hei. I have one question.
Does anyone know WHERE EXACTLY is this place??

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a bunch of translations [20 Mar 2010|06:56pm]

Kotimainen rokkari vaihtaa naisia kuin sukkia

Native rocker changes ladies as he does socksCollapse )

Poispotkittu kitaristi ryhdistäytyi

Kicked-out guitarist pulls self togetherCollapse )

Suomalaisrokkari ei lotraa enää viinalla

Finnish rocker doesn't anymore drink lots of alcoholCollapse )

Lyökö räjähdysaltis bändi läpi?

Will the explosive band break through?Collapse )

Sir Christus vaihtoi vissylinjalle

Sir Christus switched to 'water-line'Collapse )
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"SIR CHRISTUS COMES BACK" [18 Mar 2010|03:37pm]

The Salvation julkaisee miehtyksensä - Sir Christus tulee takaisin!
short summary: The Salvation (lineup: Anzi Destruction, Jack Smack, Sir Christus, Sohei Murakami, Ministeri Kunt) have been signed by Hype productions. gigs will start in the spring, and within the year the debut album will be available in the shops

Sir Christus vaihtoi vissylinjalle
- this is an interview with Sir Christus, i'll provide a translation as soon as i find one/have to do one myself - until then, some sense can be had of the google translation.

Tämän yhtyeen videolla myllysilta halutaan räjäyttää
short summary: they want to blow up a bridge in Turku for a musicvideo for this band - they've offered 200000€ to the town that should go to the elderly.

The Salvation Official Myspace
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Pimping! [26 Apr 2009|08:40pm]

[ mood | bouncy ]

Click on the banner to join the community and stay updated with the band in an easy way; pictures, videos and translations of interviews, etc.
So go on don't be shy - join today! :)

And to make it legal

Picture's not mine, credit to Satania

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Christus Is A Blondieeeee =D [11 Feb 2009|04:54pm]

[ mood | hyper ]

SnoWhite. Klubi. Tampere. 8.2.2009
Chris Looks So Adorable With Blond HairCollapse )

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Request [26 Jan 2009|07:29pm]

[ mood | pissed off ]

Request under the cut.....Collapse )

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Question [24 Jan 2009|06:07pm]

[ mood | hot ]

Click.....Collapse )

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A Question [19 Jan 2009|09:29pm]

[ mood | excited ]

I have seen Christus with TEN written on his hand & on his pink pants & i was wondering if anyone knew if TEN means something to him???

Pic Of TEN Written On His Pants HereCollapse )

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Just A Question [11 Jan 2009|08:08pm]

[ mood | Happy ]

I need your help....HELPCollapse )

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This Is Christus [07 Jan 2009|10:59am]

[ mood | tired ]

You may not believe me but this is Christus. When i first saw it, it really scared me.
It Is. It Is Christus =)Collapse )

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Don't Kill Me If I Get It Wrong I'm New [02 Dec 2008|07:12pm]

[ mood | scared ]

Follow The Pink WolfCollapse )

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[05 Apr 2008|02:12pm]

As I've had a shit week as from last Monday, this time I bring you The Moment of Our Love.

Sir Christus in his finiest moment ;-pCollapse )
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[26 Jan 2008|11:29am]

I've capped some of Christus from the DVD.

In My HeavenCollapse )
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[21 Jan 2008|06:37pm]

I was sulking and pic spamming last week.


Because, let's just face it, he is one of a kind.
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Attention ROLEPLAYERS: [25 Oct 2007|10:09am]

For those of you who RP or write FanFic, this might be for you. The role of Sir Christus at must_be_pop is available. The current writer is leaving the game and choosing their successor. If you are interested keep reading:

Applications go straight to ngt.christus@gmail.com. No chicken pox or mentally challenged polar bears. No CV required, writing sample of any kind would be nifty!

Since many in the game prefer to remain anonymous, I shall screen comments on this post. Any questions left in comments will be brought to the attention of the current player if I can't answer them myself.

And to make this an official post, even though I'm the mod and can do what I want ;) ... here is some sexy:Collapse )
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[21 Oct 2007|06:30pm]

Well my PC seems to really hate Sir Christus for some reason. A few weeks ago I lost all my Summerbreeze pics. Luckily I knew where I got them from and i got them all back and loads more.

Now I just went through my folders and found that Tammerfest, 16 July 2005 has disappeared too.

I had 23 pictures and the only ones I can find right now are theseCollapse )
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PIC OF THE YEAR [18 Oct 2007|07:56pm]

Ok so hiding_amaranth  and I want to start a vote-for-the-pic-of-the-year!

so far we have two candidates, one for 2005 and one for 2007.. what we need now, is more pix, and LOTS! and then we'll make a post later with all the candidates and you votevotevote!

EDITED new pix into the post.

candidate for... 1986? XD

candidates for 2002..

candidates for 2003..

candidates for 2004..

candidates for 2005..

candidates for 2006..

candidates for 2007..

so what you darlings do, is to post your candidates in a comment and we add them to the list.. deal?! :D :D
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[01 Oct 2007|07:44pm]

[ mood | content ]

Some icons I made... most of them rather old, some a bit newer ^^

icons ♥Collapse )

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[09 Sep 2007|05:45pm]

Is there anyone who knows *exactly* where and when these pics of our lovely Christus were taken? A whole chapter of my latest fic is based around them and I like to have my facts straight.

Cookies to anyone who can tell me.

PicsCollapse )
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[29 Aug 2007|09:48pm]

If you look a few posts down you'll find a post I made of pretty Finnish Icons in my old LJ. This is my new one. I want to break away from the old one becasue that isn't me anymore. I was the movie!whore now I am the music!whore and I want to get aquainted with people who share my love of rock *especially Finnish rock*

So here's a picture of the gorgeous Christus from my files.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Ain't he adorable??? I kinda miss that look sometimes.
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